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At VEDUFFE we know the importance of financial literacy and understand that the earlier that education begins, the better chances of success a person has through their entire life. It is important that a smart and healthy relationship with money is established as early as possible, which is who our Youth Programs focus on:

However, we also know that unfortunately not everyone had the opportunity or access to resources during their youth, which is why we also offer an Adults 18+ Program.

Through our partnerships with amazing educational, technology and financial services focused organizations we are able to bring together a blend of video gaming fun

and financial literacy education under one roof.

Our goal at VEDUFFE is for our Members to have fun while gaining financial literacy and simultaneously building on social skills and team camaraderie in order to promote mental health and personal development.

And as our Organization continues to grow, we'll continue to add and adjust resources to all of our Programs in order to provide as many resources to all of Members for their continued Personal and Career/Business Development Life Journey!


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